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We are a family owned and run Vitamin and Supplements Company based out of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. It is our mission to provide high quality vitamins and supplements to help benefit daily health, well being, fitness goals and nutrition. 

We believe that as human beings we have the right to feel good. That's why we chose that phrase as our slogan. No one likes waking up each day feeling sluggish, tired or unwell. There can be many contributing factors, many outwith our hands, but also on the flip side, many perfectly within our hands. The hectic lifestyles we lead today leave many of us grabbing food on the go, being stuck indoors away from the sun and daylight, and missing out on proper exercise and proper sleep. Our diets often leave us short on many vital vitamins and minerals leading to deficiencies. That is where Vitabolize come in. Starting off with Vitamin D3, we are carefuly selecting our product base as we move forward so that the products we stock are of relevence and will benefit you and your families everyday health and well being. 

Dave Watson

Hi, I'm Dave. I am Co-Director of Vitabolize. My interests are keeping fit, running, holidays to both both beach and city. As i have got older I have become more aware of the benefits of looking after myself on a daily basis which means working at Vitabolize gives me the chance to be involved in something I love to do and feel passionate about on a daily basis.

Graham Watson

I'm Graham. I am Co-Director of Vitabolize and obviously David's "younger brother", :-)


I am a big running fan, having taken part in many half marathon runs throughout the country, weekly Parkrun's and hopefully my first marathon within the next year. Like David, health is something i feel very passionate about for both myself and my family. Vitabolize lets me embrace that passion and make it count for our wonderful customers.

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