Eat Good Feel Good

So it's a struggle isn't it. Eating Healthy all the time. It can feel a bit boring. It can also be a bit costly, fresh foods don't last long, often go to waste. But the downsides are far and away overshadowed by the upsides. Nutrition plays a HUGE part in our overall health and well-being. "You are what you eat", is possibly one of the most accurate statements ever quoted. The benefits of a balanced diet cannot be underestimated and include:

• Preventing obesity • Preventing heart disease • Reduces risk of stroke • Preventing tooth decay • Better sleep • More energy The Eatwell Guide

One of the best tools available is The Eatwell Guide. In 2016 the UK Government issued this revised guide to eating properly balanced diets. It wonderfully breaks down the recommended food catagories in an easy to understand diagram showing examples of the types of foods in each category. This can be downloaded as a PDF, printed and plonked right on door of your fridge for you and your family to refer to. It's also a great tool to go over with your kids and explain the importance of eating well. The earlier your kids understand this, the more likely they are to observe it as they grow up. Here is a link to the Eatwell Guide

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